Search Engine Optimization Packages 

Accelerated Growth SEO (Call for Pricing)

Our accelerated growth package includes all of the foundation and ongoing growth items necessary to grow your rankings at the fastest rate possible. We run ongoing  optimization campaigns to expand the authority, trust, and indexability of your website.  

  • Continuous, top-performing website content creation and distribution
  • Influencer outreach to thousands of experts and bloggers
  • Technical SEO foundation to maximize search engine compliance
  • Conversion optimization to maximize lead generation and sales
  • Competitive analysis, ongoing analytics analysis, and reporting

Ongoing Growth SEO (Call for Pricing)

Our steady growth SEO includes all of the foundation growth items as well as ongoing content creation, and local citations.

  • Bi-monthly content creation and distribution
  • Content promotion targeting relevant readers and bloggers
  • Technical SEO foundation to maximize search engine compliance
  • Local citations across 70 syndicated publications for local search engine optimization
  • Monthly reporting and analysis

Foundation Growth SEO (Call for Pricing)

Technical SEO is as much an art, as it is a science. This is one particular area that truly separates the experts from the amateurs. If you do not know the ins and outs of technical SEO, your website will never deliver the results you are hoping for or, even worse, could end up blacklisted or permanently buried under other sites that have used best practices to build links and establish their domain authority on the web.

  • Onpage optimization including targeted headings, meta titles, and descriptions
  • Create structured data including Schema data and Rich Snippets
  • Optimize images and tags
  • Internal linking and targeted anchor text
  • Maximise Google compliance:
    • Google MyBuisness page for local results and review management
    • Google Analytics & Search Console for tracking performance and user experience

Website Rebuild

To start things off, it is an understatement to say that having an effective website is critical in this day and age. It is such an obvious statement that it is easy to take for granted what this really means. An “effective” website should both look good, and be one of the most functional tools in your arsenal when it comes to converting traffic into leads and sales. We’ll look at some of those critical factors below. Right now, the website functions reasonably well, but there are some definite improvements that can be made that justify a complete rebuild.

Layout/Theme Optimization

Since the website was originally created several years ago, there have been improvements in layout and customization that would probably lead to higher conversion rates. Good design practices, and website heat maps help you determine where to place your headings, contact info, contact boxes/forms, and other information.

Utilizing an updated theme and making improvements consistent with industry best practices will drive more leads to your inbox. We would look at redesigning the website to be more current in this regard.

SEO Content Strategy

Content Strategy is foundational to SEO work. We will move your content from the old website to the new website, audit which search keywords are currently driving traffic to your site, optimize the content according to performant keywords (making sure they are in alignment), and then continuously measure performance by looking at bounce rates, stickiness, and lead conversion rates vs overall website traffic.

Content Preservation

We will be able to migrate a lot of the subpages and articles from the existing website to the new website in order to maintain crawler-friendly content. Existing content will be analyzed to make sure it is optimized for the search terms that are driving traffic to those pages – if they don’t work, we will rewrite them as necessary. This leads into the next couple points…

Optimizing Content for High Conversion

Keyword Auditing

A cursory analysis of high-traffic keywords for which Denver Print is a good, relevant fit reveals that there are some easy wins just begging to be plucked from the low branches – high-volume, low-competition search phrases that we can run campaigns for and impact within as little as 30 days, that could result in hundreds of new, high-quality site visits per month.

Keyword auditing reports in themselves are a valuable service that typically take half a day (bare minimum) or more, at rates ranging anywhere between $75 – $150 per hour. This is something we will do as a normal part of our overall SEO work, but will omit in specifics from the proposal for now. Suffice to say there are keyword opportunities for just about every product offering that Denver Print has on deck, more so when you consider the lack of competition at a local (vs national) search level. We are chomping at the bit to jump on these!

Taking into account current conversion rates and ideal products, we think we can rebuild the website, enhance keyword and on-page optimization, and get 10-25% greater lead volumes.  Some particular product categories which appear to be the least effort/highest reward (where we could realistically double lead volumes) include:

Fortunately, these keyword opportunities coincide quite well with some of the areas in which we discussed you would like to grow your business.

Bounce Rates & Stickiness

What type of analysis tells us what works what and what doesn’t when it comes to our optimization efforts? For starters, Bounce Rate and Stickiness are two major metrics. For the uninitiated, “Bounce Rate” is “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.” Obviously, that is a bad thing, and lower bounce rate is desirable. Many pages on have a bounce rate over 50 – 60%. This represents a disconnect between how people are landing on your site vs what is being presented to them once they get there. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great – we can do way better on bounce rates and conversion with some thoughtful tactics.

Potential customers may end up on a page titled “Vehicle Wraps” by searching Google for “fleet truck graphics” or some other related, but non-exact search term. Is this a bad thing? Not always, but it does mean that you need to pay attention to possible disconnects between where traffic is landing on your site vs what they searched for to get there – if you have a chance to optimize to be more relevant to your customers, this WILL improve conversion, and we will look at this.

“Stickiness” – a measure of engagement and time spent on a site – can also be a valuable factor in measuring the relevancy and effectiveness at capturing leads. This is not always an important metric for sites which focus on conversion / lead generation (vs a content-centric website like a blog), but it can be helpful when considered alongside other metrics.

Below, we can see for the month of April that out of 3,515 total user sessions, 2,037 (58%) of them lasted 10 seconds or less on the website – it is clear that is probably not enough time to find the relevant info they seek for a potential purchase, make a decision to reach out, and submit their info into a contact form (or make a call). This also points to a disconnect in relevancy between searches and the content customers are finding when they land on the Denver Print website.

Structured Data & SEO Compliance

Structured Data is just like it sounds – it is behind-the-scenes data on your website that is structured in a specific way, so as to make it easier to interpret by search engines and other web applications or technologies.

Looking below, you’ll notice that Denver Print has an index of sorts below its search result that shows more information about the company – Contact us, About us, Meet the Team, etc. This is structured data, it is telling Google what sections exist on the website, and what information goes in them, in a way that Google easily understands. Same with the stars and ratings on Yelp, Mapquest, etc.

Lack of structured data would mean that websites which depend on aggregating this information (or highlighting it) would just leave it out. We will make sure your website follows best practices for structured data and other SEO compliance benchmarks.

Sales Funnel/Lead Conversion Monitoring

Currently, the buttons on the site are not coded to indicate to Google Analytics when someone has filled out the contact form and submitted. We can track what pages are being visited by a customer, and we can see when leads come through via the contact form, but there is nothing tying this together in an integrated way – this is a manual process, and to be blunt, it is our experience that as long as it remains that way it will never get analyzed or looked at on a regular basis. In the new website, all of this information will be tied together cohesively so there are no gaps in our information about the customer journey.

Live Chat Integration

Live chat integration on websites for sales and customer service has caused a HUGE shift in how people interact with the companies that they wish to reach, and in the efficacy of generating leads and closing sales.

Data varies across studies, but overall there are a few things that are apparent; customers love it because:

  1. It’s convenient – rather than sitting on hold, they can multitask and do other things while using chat.
  2. It’s faster than email – companies are typically much slower to respond to email, so customers can get answers to their simple questions more easily, and they know when someone sees their message.
  3. Leads have a higher chance of closing, and close faster – getting the right answers to potential customers exactly at the time they are inquiring is more likely to result in a closed sale.
  4. Leads and customers have a higher sense of satisfaction – when they can get quick answers to their most relevant questions, they leave feeling more impressed overall with your business, and as a result are more likely to work with you.

As an added bonus, many live chat apps integrate with Slack, so you can keep all of your communications in one place. Not everyone will utilize this feature, but those that do typically love it, and will be more likely to convert to customers.