PPC Management

What is PPC?

PPC stands for PAY-PER-CLICK. It is a type of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked on. It is a way advertisers are able to buy their visitors rather than earn them organically.

One of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising. Search engine advertising allows advertisers to bid on ad placement when someone searches for a keyword that relates to the advertisers business. For example, if we bid on the keyword “Denver Marketing”, our ad might show up on the top spot on the Google results page.

Every time someone clicks on our ad, it sends a visitor to our website. In turn we then have to pay the search engine a fee. If you are using PPC correctly the fee is is not a huge factor because the actual visit holds more value than what the advertiser is paying for it. For example if we as a advertiser were to pay $2 for the click, but if the result of that click ended in a $200 sale – then the profit greatly outweighs the initial cost.

Building a successful PPC campaign is extensive. You need to research which keywords will best target your focus group and then also be able to organize the keywords into organized campaigns and ad groups. From there you must set up optimized landing pages for conversions. When advertisers can create relevant and well targeted PPC campaigns search engines will reward those advertisers by charging them less for those ad clicks. When Google charges less, it means larger profits for the business.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the number one PPC advertising in the world. Their platform allows advertisers to not only appear on the search engine but also on other Google properties. Google ads uses a PPC model to operate. Whenever a search is started, Google chooses from a group of advertisers and picks who will “win” and be able to appear in the ad space on the pages of the search results.

Google picks these “winners” based off of several factors. It uses a combination of the quality, including relevance of the keywords, and the size of the keyword bids. Google uses the CPC Bid – this is the highest amount the advertiser is willing to spend; and the Quality Score – this is basically your value rate which includes your click through rate, quality of landing page and your relevance. Using this calculated system Google is able to allow advertisers to be able to reach their target customers while staying within their budget. You can think of it like an auction.

What Can We Do For You?

Navigating the PPC platform Google offers can be tedious and confusing. Because Google gets so much traffic and so many advertisers trying to place their ads, if you are not conducting your PPC correctly, you will not see the results you want.

With our expert team we can optimize the factors that play a role in a successful PPC campaign. With so many factors it can be hard to narrow them down without the knowledge of how to optimize them. When we begin your PPC campaign we will focus on:

Relevant Keywords – We will create a relevant PPC keywords, keyword groups and proper ad text. We can create targeted keywords that are focused.

Quality Landing Pages – We will create optimized landing pages that contain good relevant content and a call-to-action that is clear and created specific to your searches.

Quality Score – By creating quality landing pages and relevant keywords we will be able to create optimized PPC campaigns. Using these combined techniques we can get your company a better Quality Score and get your company more ad clicks at a lower cost.

Keyword Research

We know that PPC keyword research can time consuming. However it is important, and the entire campaign is built around successful keywords. We will build your campaign and keywords. As your campaign becomes more successful we will continue to grow and fine tune your keyword list. We will create keywords that will drive traffic to your site. We will create keywords that are:

Relevant – We don’t want you to end up paying for web traffic that is not related to your business. We will create targeted keywords that will give you a higher PPC click through rate. They will be more cost effective and increase your profits.

Frequency – Our keywords will include the most popular and frequently searched terms that are within your niche. We will also include long-tail keywords, which are more specific and often less expensive.

Extensive – PPC is very repetitive. We will great an atmosphere where your keywords are constantly growing and adapting to fit your campaigns.

We will manage your campaigns regularly to ensure continued effectiveness. WIth regular activity we can make your account successful. We will continue to analyze and make adjustments in order to optimize your campaign. We will use the following to optimize the campaigns we run for you:

  • PPC Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Split Ad Groups
  • Refined Landing Pages

With our expertise and guidance we can run a successful and optimized PPC campaign for your business.