PPC Management

The reason why previous AdWords campaigns have not translated into leads/revenue is because 1) Ad campaigns are not properly built out and 2) website is not converting


Issues with existing ad campaigns:

  • The campaigns are not being targeted, which is causing your ad quality scores to decrease. This means they will be shown fewer times and cost more per click
  • All clicks were being sent to homepage instead of targeted landing pages
    • `This resulted in poor message matching for most all unbranded searches
  • Ad copy is weak or vague
    • Ads need to optimized to be engaging and create a sense of urgency
  • No custom audiences
    • AdWords is a powerful platform for targeting custom audiences. None of these features are currently in use in your campaigns.
  • No demographic targeting
    • More qualified clicks are possible by eliminating age groups that are not likely to be searching for your services.  
  • No targeted placements
    • Choosing relevant ad placements ensures a higher likelihood that your ad will connect with a customer need.
  • Not A/B testing enough
    • The best way to run an AdWords campaign is to constantly test new ads. Then to review which ads performed well week-over-week, eliminate the poor performers and double down on the top performers.
  • No retargeting
    • There are many users who have left your website and then not had any of your ads pop up later on in their journey. Retargeting ensures that you’ll be seen by the customer again as they browse the internet.

Issues with existing website

  • !!!!! No targeted landing pages !!!!!
  • Current website fails to build trust and authority
    • While the current landing page mentions “Honest Roofers” and “Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 30 customer reviews”, there’s no way to substantiate the reviews from the user’s perspective. Leveraging your HomeAdvisor or BBB pages would be advisable. You’re crushing here!  Yelp’s an issue as you currently have 3 out of 5 stars, which contradicts the website claims. If a user were to visit the website and then check Yelp, it would be clear that there is a contradiction.

What’s the Why?

Clarify what it is that you do, where in town that you do it, and WHY you do what you do!

Add cities that you service above the fold

  • Add clear value propositions on homepage above the fold. I.e.
  • Roof replacement
  • New roof construction
  • Leak and repair services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Disaster response
  • Commercial roofs

Engaging content and clear, value-based calls to actions

  • Example site has numerous customer options immediately visible upon landing
  • This is attractive to customers at any stage of their purchase journey
  • All call to action buttons let the user know exactly what their getting
  • Speed: there are options for calling immediately or for a “speedy quote”
  • Small form saves the user time and supports the belief of a quick turnaround
  • Video option is immediately available for customers who are still researching
  • Vivid images with the various areas of expertise and featuring human beings


Immediate changes

  • Switch the colors on CTA’s if you prefer phone calls to emails
  • Add Name, Address, and Phone Number on ALL headers
  • Instill a sense that the customer will get a quote or a call ASAP! Can’t tell that now!

Ad Copy Targeting

Localized ad copy, geographic terminology, phrasing specific to the customer’s area

  • Customers want someone who is offering services in their area (targeted landing pages)
  • Add clear, geographic value propositions on homepage above the fold
  • Target roofs and home upgrades as a long-term investment (return)
  • Use percentages and numbers in ads
  • Say how many years in business
  • Fully licensed, above board
  • Testimonial site links
  • Syndicated reviews
  • Negative keywords (getting rid of irrelevant clicks) i.e.
    • Add local terms as negatives (interstate, sunny, etc.)
    • Mobile roof repair
    • RV roof repair
    • Truck/trailer
  • Focus on building local trust and authority
  • Established company, no fly by night impressions
  • Searches for quotes B2B & B2C
  • Mobile/Geo targeting: Local search “near me”, “in Denver”, etc.
  • Target types of roofs “flat roof”, metal roofs, etc.
  • Comercial: franchises, roof repair, etc.
  • Emergency: storm, hail damage, leak, wind damage, etc.
    • Keep these as a separate campaign to ensure traffic quality. Have them ready to turn on in case of a storm:
      • One ad group called “emergency”
      • One ad group called “leak”
      • One ad group called “hail”
      • One ad group per geographic location
  • 24 hour roofers, immediate response…Is this a service that All Around Roofers offers?
  • Trying to maintain the best position all the time iis not always advisable. We advise doubling down Monday – Thursday and not running ads on Friday – Sunday unless there is a storm or high wind within that time frame.